Cynthia Jade




  • The Rebel Gadgeteer
  • Problems with Authority
  • Daredevil Gymnist
  • Can’t Keep a Good Girl Down
  • Friends in Low Places

+4: Crafts
+3: Athletics, Shoot
+2: Rapport, Technology, Fight
+1: Physique, Notice, Deceive, Stealth


Engineered Athleticism: +2 to Athletics whenever some form of gadget is used to it’s assist.
Can I build it? Yes I can!: You are extraodinarily adapt at working with anything that whirrs, moves, or explodes. +2 to crafts for building, studying, or repairing small mechanic devices or electronics.
Final Stand: Tenacity is a bitch. +2 to attacks when carrying 2 or more consequences.

Extra: Exo-Form Arm-Mounted Grappling-Gun (EAGG)

Function: High-powered Twin-function swingline (grapple and magnetic)
Flaw: Grappling hook can get stuck.

Trick Shots: +2 to create an advantage with Shoot when you use the grapnel gun to swing around, disarm an opponent, or create a barrier.

CLANG!: Spend a fate point to secure the magnetic grapnel to a metallic object in a dramatic way, grabbing a swiftly moving vehicle, a falling pulse rifle, or the wall on the other side of a yawning chasm

Description of Aspects:

1. Cyn is a street punk, and inventor at heart. If it ticks, whirrs, beeps, or explodes, she can probably understand it and build it. Of course, she CAN be a little over-confident at times, and her fascination with all things electronic and mechanical can lead her to distration.

2. Cyn is a military brat who ran away from the structure and rules of her privledged upbringing. She doesn’t take well to rules and laws, and figures of authority. Enough so that, at least a few figures of authority have problems with HER.

3. A star gymnist before leaving her old life behind, Cyn has never quite lost that edge, and has no fear of using her talent in death-defying situations, especially when paired with inventions of her own design.

4. Cyn is ever the optimist and a fighter. She perseveres, she never gives in, she never gives up. When the chips are down, and the odds are against her, she’s the one staring down fate with steely resolve, a defiant grin, and a glint in her eyes. Never back down without a fight.

5. Cyn has been through more seedy back-alleys, rundown frontier starports, and criminal cartels than she count. Sure, she’s made her share of enemies, but she’s made her share of friend, as well, especially those in the Korendi Cartel. She knows who’s got her back, just as they expect she’s got thiers.


Cynthia Jade

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